The Underwoods

Our Story

Our paths have crossed many years ago (almost 10 years to be exact) at our friend's wedding but little did we know our paths would cross again...

Justin and Katherine were both single and decided to go on the dating app, Hinge. Katherine, as the busy person she is, didn't have time to check her account and didn't pay much attention to it (although she was praying to find someone and gave specifics too); Justin was also praying to find someone and was working hard on his dating game. After a month of asking Katherine on dates and her declining because she was too busy, Justin reached out to Laura Bonam Polson. He asked Laura about Katherine (and she said how great she is but if it ends poorly, she isn't picking between the two of us) and asked Laura to tell Katherine to reply back to him on Hinge. Laura did, she texted Katherine and told her to reply to Justin and that he is a really nice guy and to give him a chance. Katherine replied with, "the bald guy?" and Laura said, "yes" so Katherine replied and let Justin know that she would be working a fishing tournament for Dock & Decoy and he could come then but other than that she was too busy because it was fishing season. Well, he showed up and Katherine thought he was the sweetest guy (bad outfit but the nicest eyes) — it was then that Katherine knew she found her man. Justin, however, thought this girl is probably out of my league and has a lot going on, but seems super cool and super fun and thought, let's see where it goes.

After 1.5 years of dating, Justin decided to buy Katherine a ring and then COVID hit. He was trying to figure out the best way to ask Katherine during these hard times so he finally decided on asking her during Memorial weekend when her oldest sister, Stephanie, family was coming to visit (and then Megan, her middle sister, and her family also decided to come up for the day and visit so lots of surprises were happening). On Saturday, May 23, 2020 everyone decided to play a gesture-type game that Kelly & Trey taught them and who they have now played with all their families and friends. During the game, Justin asked Katherine to marry him — she cried and said yes!

Thank you all for being part of our special day and we're excited to celebrate it with you!

soon-to-be The Underwoods


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